Quick Packing Tips to Help Your Move Go Smooth

Pack Like a Pro!

What You Will Need to Know to Make Packing Yourself an Easier Job!

Packing is Not that Simple; It Requires a Level of Expertise.

Packing your possessions in preparation for moving is an art requiring a certain amount of expertise and know-how. A good packing job does more than protect your belongings, it can actually make settling into your new home much easier. All American Moving, Storage and Delivery has well-trained, qualified packers ready to do the job for you. They can handle this backbreaking task with speed and care. If your budget is your primary concern, you may want to consider having our crews pack certain items, such as your delicate or fragile possessions. Discuss your options with us, we are here to help.

If you decide to do some or all of your packing yourself, it is important to use the right tools and techniques to ensure that your possessions arrive in your new home in the same condition as they were prior to being packed and moved.

Keep in mind, all of your possessions must be properly packed and ready for loading when the moving van arrives. We will inspect the cartons you’ve packed and if we feel any items are improperly packed or susceptible to damage, we will request that the items be repacked prior to loading.

Do not use cartons that are damaged or soiled, or that cannot be closed and sealed properly. In addition, make sure that you cannot hear the contents of a carton move or rattle if you shake the box.

General Cleanup: Moving time is a great opportunity to PURGE! Remove and throw out any unnecessary files, boxes, papers, supplies, etc. Call The Kidney Foundation or the Salvation Army to come pick up clothes, toys, furniture and other usable items that will not be needed or used in your new home.

  • Some Basic Guidelines:
    Small to medium sized plants, small fragile items, and other valuable personal property is best moved by YOU, especially if this is a local move. See Basic Packing Guideline Page
  • Pack each carton tightly to prevent damage and shifting of contents. Do not fill cartons over the top, since they are stacked during moving and contents may be crushed. Use tape sparingly – excess tape does not make the carton any stronger. Place two strips along seam of top and bottom of box. Label in BOLD any boxes containing fragile items, as contents in any boxes packed by owner are not subject to liability claims unless obvious mishandling is determined. All boxes moved by All American Moving MUST BE SEALED. We can provide you with wardrobe boxes for your hanging garments.
  • All keys to locked items must remain in possession of customer.
  • Place coat hangers in packing boxes.
  • Glassware, china, and breakable items must be wrapped with paper toweling or newspaper to prevent breakage and packed securely in cartons. Label in BOLD these cartons containing fragile items, as contents in any boxes packed by owner are not subject to liability claims unless obvious mishandling is determined.
  • Small articles such as pencils, pens, scissors, paper clips, erasers, rubber bands, etc. must be placed in sealed envelopes and then packed in cartons.
  • Appliances: Refrigerators must be defrosted, empty, and unplugged prior to move. Washer, dryer, and stoves/ranges must be unhooked prior to move, and will not be re-hooked by All American Moving.
  • Specialty items: Such as grandfather clocks, certain pianos, pool tables, etc. will need special preparation for moving. Please discuss these items with your relocation coordinator before you move.
  • Beds: All American Moving can disassemble and reassemble all of your beds and bedroom furniture if requested. You may consider doing this yourself if you are looking to save some money. WATERBEDS MUST BE EMPTIED PRIOR TO MOVE.
  • Dressers: It is preferable to fully empty your dressers, however if you must leave anything in them, make sure the contents are light and soft/fabric items only. Please make sure you pack anything you do not want the movers to see that may be in the drawers, as the drawers may have to be removed to relocate the dresser.
  • Bookcases must have all contents removed and placed in packing cartons. Remove the shelf tabs and place in envelope and pack in carton. Leave the shelves taped together, labeled, and left in the bottom of the bookcase.
  • Computers/Copiers/Typewriters/Office machines/Electronic equipment: Back up all computer equipment and take your backup disk(s) with you. Disconnect all cables and either pack them in bags, or tape them to your equipment.

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  • All American Moving WILL NOT move any WEAPONS, AMMUNITION, or HAZARDOUS MATERIALS. This includes items such as the propane tank on outdoor grills, gasoline for your lawnmower, etc.
  • Please designate ONE person to make final decisions during the move, while All American Moving will designate one member of the crew to act in the same capacity.
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