Green Practices at All-American Moving

Sustainability Efforts at All American Moving

We recycle nearly 100% of our packaging and debris from our delivery and moving services

All American is GREEN! We recycle ALL OF THE DUNNAGE from your product. We are PROUD to be one of the only, if not THE ONLY provider in Ohio that recycles ALL of the following: Cardboard, Styrofoam, Clear plastic Watch the video and read below for more information on our green practices!

We Recycle over 90 percent of all packaging From Our Delivery Service.

Over 15 tons of cardboard packaging is compressed and recycled from our delivery service every year.

We recycle two types of styrofoam packaging: spongy—soft styrofoam (left), and rigid, hard styrofoam (right)

Specialized Hoppers melt and compress styrofoam into condensed bricks.

These machines have blades which chop up the styrofoam, then heat it, which releases the air and condenses the plastic into solid form.

The melted Styrofoam is palletized and sold off to be used again.

All American is GREEN! We recycle ALL OF THE DUNNAGE from your product.

All American recycling

We are PROUD to be one of the only, if not THE ONLY provider in Ohio that recycles ALL of the following:

Cardboard, Styrofoam, Clear plastic

We recycle almost 100% of all the cardboard packaging coming from our delivery business.

We use a heavy duty industrial bailer/compactor to condense our carboard into compressed pallets. All the boxes we receive from shipments of the furniture and other products we deliver are broken down and recycled. We have 2 large format cardboard bailer/compactors on site. these compactors can crush, and compact the cardboard into stacks which weigh up to XXX pounds each.

Environmental Impact Report

All American has had a robust recycling program since 2009. We have only started collecting the data below since October 2022.

~ Annual Recycled Material

~ Efforts of CO2 conserved

These figures show how much of a positive environmental impact our company's recycling efforts have made. These efforts are equivalent to 168.46 barrels of oil planting 1,278 trees.

The data accounts for the specific makeup of your recycling activity (for example, percentages of plastics, cardboard, and metals), and considers all of the positive impacts of recycling, including energy saving, water saving, waste reduction, and hazmat reduction. Energy savings is generally cited as the greatest impact of recycling.

Processing recyclables into usable raw materials takes anywhere from 21%to 96% less energy than extracting virgin materials (depending on the recycled substance). These dramatic energy savings can be interpreted as "avoiding" carbon dioxide emissions and pollution.

These figures are estimates only, which have been calculated for our company based on recycling activity with Eco Development's Customized Recycling programs. The calculations were made using CalRecycle's Commercial Climate Calculator.(www.ecoenergydevelopment.com).

The CORC is a partner of All American Moving!

We aim to reduce plastic production, consumption, and waste as much as possible by working with brand owners, retailers and consumers towards better plastic-related choices.

Our main programs are offering free consultations to restaurant owners/managers and crowdsourcing sustainability reviews on restaurants as a means of driving research and public policy.

For each sustainability review, the creators of the Plastic Score app will recover plastic waste from the environment.

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