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We provide White Glove, Full Assembly, Room of Choice, Threshold, and garage and dock deliveries.


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All American has a LARGE delivery footprint in Ohio, with locations in Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati

Recycling Essential to our Operation

We Recycle over 90 percent of all packaging From Our Delivery Service.

Over 15 tons of cardboard packaging is compressed and recycled from our delivery service every year.

We recycle two types of styrofoam packaging: spongy—soft styrofoam (left), and rigid, hard styrofoam (right)

Specialized Hoppers melt and compress styrofoam into condensed bricks.

These machines have blades which chop up the styrofoam, then heat it, which releases the air and condenses the plastic into solid form.

The melted Styrofoam is palletized and sold off to be used again.

Our professional Scheduling and Routing Team then schedules all deliveries with the final mile customer shortly thereafter to ensure a quick turnaround time for our clients

We recycle almost 100% of all the cardboard packaging coming from our delivery business.

We use a heavy duty industrial bailer/compactor to condense our carboard into compressed pallets.

All the boxes we receive from shipments of the furniture and other products we deliver are broken down and recycled. We have 2 large format cardboard bailer/compactors on site. these compactors can crush, and compact the cardboard into stacks which weigh up to XXX pounds each.

Compacted cardboard sold for recycling.

Bailed and compacted cardboard

All American makes a small profit on the compacted cardboard, which is sold to wholesale paper recyclers in Columbus. The small profit from the cardboard helps offset the cost of recycling labor and machinery.

Our Professional Delivery Teams are fully uniformed in matching shirts, pants, socks, shoes, and coats.


Upon arrival to the customer’s home our Teams come equipped with gloves, booties, floor runners, portable vacuum cleaners, and even steamers to let out the creases and folds in certain upholstered items.

Our clients have 2 options when it comes to engaging All American…

  1. Deliver your goods on a co-mingled route, which allows us to provide you with competitive pricing as we group together product that is being delivered to the same area(s) on a single truck
  1. Deliver your goods with a Team that is DEDICATED to handling YOUR PRODUCT ONLY.
    • Teams will be uniformed in YOUR BRANDED uniform
    • Teams will deliver according to YOUR specifications
    • ONLY your product will be placed on the truck
    • You can have the option of logo-ing our truck with YOUR BRAND
    • All requests for this service are considered, however you must have enough product to deliver 5 days per week to make this option cost effective for you.

All American is GREEN! We recycle ALL OF THE DUNNAGE from your product.

All American recycling

We are PROUD to be one of the only, if not THE ONLY provider in Ohio that recycles ALL of the following…
• Cardboard
• Styrofoam
• Clear plastic
• PET Strapping

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