The Delivery of All Pre-Inspected Items Leaving All American As Well As Misc. Damages

The Delivery of All Pre-Inspected Items Leaving All American As Well As Misc. Damages
ORIGIN DATE: 4/26/22
UPDATED: 12/5/22
TO: All Delivery Field Staff
CC: All Warehouse Staff and Office Staff
FROM: Dan Dragin & Aric Patterson & Rob Stevens

As most of you are aware, we are trending back towards a delivery set of pre-inspected items for companies such as Deliveright and our newest client Ryder Final Mile; as well as a select few unique delivery partners. As a refresher, this means our customer’s merchandise will be opened and inspected for damages by our warehouse staff before scheduling occurs. We are going to be moving forward based on an increasing need for more accountability on all fronts. This movement was brought to a head to with the acceptance of a claim to the sum of $850 of which we will be eating the cost of and has been reinforced freshly by a dirty chair claim (cost pending.) Any questions can be addressed either to Dan, Aric, or Rob regarding the following. Any suggestions to better our company moving forward are also most welcome as we adapt to this process.

  • Once freight is received for these clients the warehouse will open, assemble within reason, and inspect all merchandise.

  • If the merchandise is deemed to be intact, it will either be shrink wrapped, &/or pad-wrapped or re-boxed to await delivery.

  • The day before delivery, the merchandise will be placed in the line and re-opened for last inspection and left unwrapped/unboxed for the delivery teams the following morning; the exception to this would be any shrink wrapped upholstered furniture.

  • On the day of delivery, the delivery teams are to inspect the merchandise a final time and pad wrap or re-box for final delivery to the customer’s home.

  • If damages or imperfections are found the delivery team will need to present them to the warehouse or operations manager for a final decision to pass or fail the item at that time.

  • You cannot leave merchandise on dock without permission.

  • Once the delivery team has inspected and prepped the furniture, they are the sole responsible party for the merchandise until it is delivered to the customer’s home and signed for by the customer.

As we are all of one mind and one company, to provide the best service possible to our customers;
these terms are to be held universally by All American and Legacy members.

Moving forward, regarding this subject, we feel that while accountability needs to be addressed and understood that sometimes things happen during all our processes. These occurrences will be addressed in the form of a write-up as well as possible financial payback. Senior Management have also concluded that these charges will now be the guidelines for all forms of damage repayment, whether that be customer/partner related property/residence or property/residence of AAMSD and Legacy. In the case of vehicle damage; if, it is determined by management, that a spotter was needed and not used, the cost of vehicle repair will be split equally amongst the crew. Any damages that are found to be of a malicious act, the responsible parties will be strictly held to a 100% reimbursement to the appropriate source.

  • First occurrence will be consumed to the cost of the company or in some cases, companies entirely.
  • Second occurrence will be paid for from the accountable parties to the sum of 20% per person divided evenly.
  • Third occurrence will be paid for from the accountable parties to the sum of 40% per person divided evenly.
  • This will continue to be enforced and grow moving forward with continued occurrences at a rate of an additional 20% per occurance. If a time frame of one year for a single party is maintained without incident, the totality will be dropped back to first occurrence status.


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