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Whether you’re hiring a moving company or renting a truck, it’s possible that rates may fluctuate depending on when you will be moving. And if you have the ability to be flexible with your moving date, you may be able to get a cheaper rate if you choose to move at the right time.

Generally, the most affordable time to move is midweek, beginning of the month, and during the off-peak season from October-April. Some moving companies will lower their rates during these times or offer deals and incentives since demand is typically lower.

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In contrast, the busiest and most costly time to move is when everyone else needs the services, which is during the weekends, end of the month, and during the peak season for moving which is May-September.

When is the cheapest day of the week to move?

Monday-Thursday: Weekdays typically have less demand for moving companies. Some moving companies will have lower rates during the week than on weekends. But, most moving companies will charge the same regardless of the time of the week. But, that doesn’t mean that if you can move during the week that you can’t ask for a cheaper rate since movers will want to fill their schedule.

When is the cheapest time of day to move?

Non-Rush Hour: If you’re moving locally and the movers are charging by the hour, it’s best to move during non-rush hour times. That is, if the moving truck can get to the first location as early as possible and get on the road to drive to the next location before 3 pm, that is most ideal. If your moving truck is stuck in traffic and your movers charge by the hour, you’ll be paying for that time.

Furthermore, in some states, movers are regulated by the state to charge “double-drive time”, which covers the time it takes them to drive to the first location, then back to the moving company’s headquarters after the job.

If you are not moving locally and the movers are charging by the weight of the goods, then time is not a factor in the move cost.

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