9 Things To Do Before The Movers Arrive

Preparing for a move requires careful planning and organization. Here are some tips residents to ensure a smooth and successful move:

  1. Review Your Moving Contract Double-check your moving contract or bill of lading to ensure all necessary services are included. Confirm the moving dates, addresses, and other details. If you have any questions, reach out to your moving company for clarification.
  2. Get Rid Of Everything You’re Not Moving Before the movers arrive, dispose of or set aside any items you don’t want to move. This helps streamline the moving process and ensures that the movers are aware of what to transport. Pro tip: Consider donating gently used items to local Columbus charities. Check with organizations that offer free donation pickup.
  3. Pack Early Start packing as early as possible to avoid the stress of last-minute packing. People often underestimate the amount of stuff they have, so early preparation is key. Learn how to properly pack moving boxes for efficient and secure transportation.
  4. Gather And Move Your Small Valuables Yourself Collect jewelry, cash, small electronics, and other valuable items well before the moving day. Movers typically don’t have liability for these items, so take responsibility for ensuring their safe transport.
  5. Make Plans For Children & Pets On Moving Day Arrange for a babysitter or pet sitter on moving day to ensure the safety of both your children and pets. This helps prevent any accidents and keeps everyone out of the way of the movers.
  6. Be There and Available On Moving Day While you don’t have to participate in the physical moving, be present on moving day to address any questions the movers may have regarding the placement of items or other details.
  7. Prepare For The Movers Arrival Ensure all your items are packed and ready for transport. Make sure your sprinklers are turned off, provide available parking for the moving truck, and clear pathways for efficient loading.
  8. Prepare Your Appliances If it’s your responsibility, disconnect and reconnect washers and dryers on moving day. Unplug refrigerators and freezers 24 hours before the move, ensuring they are emptied and ready for transport.
  9. Turn Off Your Sprinklers Don’t forget to turn off your sprinklers before the movers arrive to avoid unnecessary water-related complications.

By following these tailored tips, Columbus residents can ensure a well-prepared and stress-free moving experience.

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